Remote workers

@HOME in Curaçao

Working remotely has become the new standard. When you are flexible in working wherever you want, why not swap that cold, gray and rainy background for the vibrant colors and warmth of Curaçao?

Feel it for yourself

The government of Curaçao offers remote workers with Dutch or US citizenship the opportunity to stay and work on the island for a longer period of time. All you have to do is request a judicial declaration here. Are you not a Dutch or US citizen and do you still want to live and work in Curaçao? View the conditions here and sign up.

Curaçao offers a unique work/life balance. While during the day you can stay connected to your co-workers and workplace, the vibrant island offers rest & relaxation away from your desk at a moment’s notice. Curaçao is famous for its multicultural community so there is always a place for you, whether you like to connect to other remote workers or would like to discover the local culture by connecting to the local community. It is all here. Whether you speak Dutch, Spanish, English or Papiamentu you always feel @HOME.

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Please note:

The government of Curaçao requires all travelers to follow mandatory steps before departure. To get started, visit