@HOME in Curaçao

Are you looking for vibrant colors instead of grey skies, nice temperatures instead of the chilling cold and a sense of freedom instead of four walls? The Curacao government is now facilitating hibernators to stay in Curaçao. Bon Biní, Welcome! We will make you feel right at home.
@HOME in Curaçao.

Feel it for yourself

The government of Curaçao now allows individual or groups of hibernators special access to work and life in Curaçao for an extended period. Please check the requirements and fill out the applications forms, and you are on your way to paradise.

Curaçao offers a unique sense of feeling free. Curaçao is famous for its multicultural community so there is always a place for you, whether you like to connect to the local community or are just looking for private quality time. The weather is guaranteed to make you forget about winter back home, the moment you set foot on the island. Whether you speak Dutch, Spanish, English or Papiamentu, you always feel @HOME.

For more information please visit curacao.com.

Please note:

The government of Curaçao requires all travelers to follow mandatory steps before departure. To get started, visit dicardcuracao.com.